Synthesis – NI Massive – Beginner To Advanced

Learn sound synthesis from beginner to expert on Massive X, the latest and greatest synth by Native Instruments.

Course description

Recently, Native Instruments released a new synthesizer called MASSIVE X. Like it’s predecessor, the original Massive, which came out fourteen years ago, Massive X seems to have the capabilities to redefine what a software synthesizer is capable of.

From the moment you load the synth and start browsing through the presets, it’s noticeable how much work went into making every aspect of this synth sound incredible.

The oscillators and wavetables produce a subjectively thicker and cleaner sound than other ‘top tier’ synths, much more similar to a real analog synth.

The filters and insert effects are also beautiful, thinin out the sound when you want, and greatly thickening the sound when desired.

The modulations capabilities are near endless with multiple envelopes, LFOs and performers to choose from.

Finally, the routing matrix is something that really makes this synth stand out over most of its competition, as it allows you to create completely custom signal flows within the synth. You can even create multiple parallel signal flows, meaning you could essentially have various different synth patches all running simultaneously using only one instance of MASSIVE X.

massive x course

Course includes: